Sunday, 10 December 2006

Tree's up!

You know I was kind of shocked to realise I've never put up a Christmas tree before... I remember one year I put some tinsel round the rubber plant in my student bedsit but that doesn't really count, and of course there was always a tree at my parents house. But I'd never put my own up - til last night! Only a wee one, and a fantastic bargain at Tesco's - tree and lights for under a fiver! But I'm very happy with it! Now all the decorations I've brought back from all over the place now have a proper home. Like the Russian dome, the Irish angel, the Danish couple, the German stars etc


Latharia said...

Beautiful tree!! Love all your precious ornaments!

ejmom said...

your tree is fabulous! way to start your own new tradition! loving your journal.