Sunday, 10 December 2006

No Negative Thoughts!

Day 4 was all about your perfect Christmas but I felt a bit weird just writing down lots of nice things so I decided to strip it back to basics - and this is an important one for me! Day 5 covered Advent. I don't use advent calendars now though I did when I was a kid so I just used a couple of basic memories - making my own one year during a power cut, and the year we got 3D ones with bits that moved. They were fab! Day 6 was meant to be a contrast between a good and a bad memory, but I felt uncomfortable dwelling on anything bad so I wrote any bad things beneath the box and glued the lid shut, so my very own Pandora's box layout here! Other journalling reads: I remember arriving home to a house full of decorations, many of which I'd brought back from lots of different countries. The tree would be up, pressies underneath, everything red and gold and bright and colourful. I loved going home at Christmas. Time with Mum and Dad, time to chill, to play, to just enjoy. I will find new ways to that sense of peace and enjoyment. I will take control.

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