Thursday, 30 August 2007

Laugh? I could have cried ...

This week's art journal prompt from Emily Falconbridge - was funny ha ha - what makes you laugh? Well, sometimes, for no apparent reason, I get a bit hysterical, you start laughing so hard the tears roll down your face, and then everyone else laughs cos they have no idea what you're laughing at! The last time this happened was posing for my birthday piccies with the Gingy cake my sis made for me. Ah well, where would be if we couldn't laugh! Mind you, laughing is not a great idea for me at the mo, while I am on the mend, and even had a lovely birthday walk along the canal to the pub for lunch with OH yesterday, the tonsils still aren't seeing the funny side of life quite yet. But I did get to play with the new Adirondack paint dabbers the nephews gave me - that was fun!

Monday, 27 August 2007

The mind boggles...

That's me caught up now on all of our UKS team challenges too - and hey, I even cleaned my kitchen floor today ... I'm either on the mend, or going seriously stir crazy. Perhaps the latter as there isn't even a photo on this lo! The challenge was to scrap your favourite game, and to draw something on the lo .... well, it seemed like a fun thing to do when I set the challenge, but er, got a bit harder when I had to sit down and actually do something. The game, now, that was a hard choice between my two loves, Boggle and Scrabble. But I probably play boggle more often, as I have it on the computer, so plumped for that. I've loved this game for years, and will play it til I die. I like it best when I win though.

Saturday, 25 August 2007

A girl needs champagne! (and cake, lots of cake)

Yay! Finally - first one (or two!) in 6 whole weeks, I managed to scrap today! My UKS team runs in-house challenges on a 'favs' 6x6 theme. So here are two together. The first is "comfort food - but not chocolate!", and had to be monochrome. So..... what's next after choccie? Has to be cake! This was taken on holiday in Yorkshire this year, when I discovered there was a bakery in the village we were staying in. So guess where our walks in the park lead to.... needless to say the nephews were willing accomplices. The second challenge was your favourite tipple, and had to feature circles for bubbles. So, no contest there. I drink many things more regularly, but hey, there are certain times when a girl's just got to have champagne .... so here's a few of those times. The bottle of pink champagne I carried back from France to celebrate the arrival of nephew no 2, welcoming the millenium, last Christmas, and well, er, just another bottle opening sometime! Great memories.

Friday, 24 August 2007

Birthdays all round

We had a birthday weekend in our family. The youngest nephew was 8 on Saturday, my sister had her birthday on Monday (better not say what one!) and mine is next Wednesday. So we combined it all into a couple days of cakes and pressies, and lots of games and fun. These piccies of me and my sis blowing out our candles were taken by elder nephew. Well done John! Both Fiona and I got Bind-it-alls and other scrapping stuff so here's to lots of minibooks from now on.... And Fiona made me a Gingy cake - after my all time fav character from Shrek. Andrew got a castle cake and you can see it here (for some reason I don't have any piccies, probably cos it was half eaten by the time I got there!)

Thursday, 23 August 2007

Art card catch up

Well, I managed to break the scrapping drought tonight - first time in almost two months, or at least that's what it feels like! I'm at home with tonsillitis at the mo, and felt ok enough to have a play, and yeuchy enough to ignore all the housework I should maybe have done instead.... So here are my weeks 29-33 of Emily Falconbridge's Art Journal cards: Count your blessings (for they are many) 10 minutes (to remind me what I could do with 10 minutes!) Quiet (Sssssh.....) No Regrets (Absolutely none) Perfection (is not necessary - I keep telling myself this) Goal of the week (Tidy up!) So there you go, maybe I'll tidy up and do a lo tomorrow!!

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Back again - and I've been tagged!

Hey there folks - how fab was that? Off on hols with the family in Yorkshire - usual things, lots of games, out to the midnight HP launch with elder nephew, shops, tea rooms, Shrek etc - then off working up north and come home exhausted to a cheery pink tag from the lovely Eleni! Who is now on her hols, gosh you'd almost think it was summer if the weather wasn't so bad....... this tag was started by Roberta, and now I have to tag 5 Rockin' Girls so I'm tagging ... Fiona, Tammy, Helsbells, Chiara and Peechy - you definitely ROCK gals!!! Flapsi x