Wednesday, 15 December 2010

It's getting close to Christmas! knit knit knit....

And I always think of red - probably my fave colour - is such a Christmassy colour. I did this Lacey Baktus for a present for my partner's mother - who's in hospital just now. It seemed such a cheery colour and might hopefully ward off any draughts round the neck! The wool is from the stash - it's Fyberspates BFL sock wool which I got a job lot of 6 skeins last year and have just about got through them! I find although the socks are lovely I wear holes in the bottom of the heels which is kind of depressing so wanted to try  something else with the yarn instead.

Blocking it was a bit problematic - I didn't like all the little pin scallops I got or the way it was all kind of skew whiff so used the Yarn Harlot's method of thick string and pins - with a couple of needles in there for fun as well! I quite like the string idea but will need to get some blocking wires too I think!

Monday, 13 December 2010

In the bleak midwinter ...

Well the snow lasted for two weeks - of only venturing out on foot all wrapped up as if for an Arctic expedition (complete with walking poles!), occasionally starting the car after clearing it out of it's igloo and pretending it was going somewhere, and of course of sitting inside knitting and keeping warm! So I finished the Debbie Bliss  Diagonal Front Jacket and have a pair of Fuzzy Feet done in Cascade 220 ready to felt (and yes they are meant to be that huge honest, my feet are not that large). And did some more sorting out of stuff since I moved flat recently and need to get cupboards and things all sorted out!