Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Ne'er cast a clout til May is oot!

We forgot about this piece of wisdom when my mum and I went off on holiday to Islay and got a bit taken aback by the force of the fresh air! While it was often sunny and bright, there was a definite wind chill factor going on. So guess what? I had to knit a hat for mum! Not sure how happy she was with the colour scheme but you had to use what was to hand, and it's definitely cheery! Mum knitted the wee flower, and I decided we definitely needed a pair of wrist warmers to finish off the outfit. So there you have it - dead simple and surprisingly warm. I must admit I was glad to borrow it when I went braved the wind and the rain to visit Finlaggan.

Tuesday, 29 May 2007


This week's art card prompt from Emily Falconbridge was either your redeeming qualities or your aspirations. I started thinking of my redeeming qualities, and decided I would make a good sheepdog from the sound of it, and it's kinda hard to think of that yourself, so I settled on aspirations. That's easier.
Calmness, serenity, wisdom, compassion, honesty and beauty in all I do.

Saturday, 26 May 2007

Creative Catch Up!

Yep, been playing that again... had a lovely session this morning and caught up with weeks 15-20 of Emily Falconbridge's Art Card challenges (amazing how easy things can be in a decluttered flat....)
These ones are
Week 15 - your parents - a piccie of Mum and Dad taken at a wedding about 20 odd years ago now.
16 - get someone else to contribute (the quote from the paper, pp from a RAK, embellies from a swap)
17 - your bedroom - using the colours here to reflect peace and calmness
18 - nature - how do you choose what to do? There is so much in nature, I just used what I had to hand piccie wise.
19 - surprise - how do you feel about it? Well, little loving ones can be great, big ones can be a bit scarey.
20- change - is really the only constant I guess, so we just have to keepn rolling along with it.
Some have wee bits of journalling on the back just explaining my reaction to some of these things.

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Grey skies in Glasgow

Yes, that's what we've had today I'm afraid. Still it keeps me inside to carry on with the decluttering (what is it about nice relaxing holidays that makes you come home and think I have to do something, I can't live in all this mess?). I've got rid of 4 bin bags so far, and most of it is paper and just real rubbish, not even stuff you could give to a charity shop. So now I have tidy shelves, but the carpet can hardly be seen. Ah well... just to make sure I keep going and finish it off here's tonight's lo to remind me!

Wednesday, 23 May 2007


The trip to Islay had an unexpected happening - halfway into the ferry journey there was an announcement that the ferry had received a mayday call and were going to divert in order to give aid, hence the launching of the lifeboat. It turned out to be two divers who were in trouble and they were picked up by another vesse. But quite exciting to see the lifeboat getting launched and picked back up by the ferry - don't fancy being on it much myself!Well, the fresh island air must have creative powers, as I managed to finish 7 los one night! Admittedly several of them are quite simple, but it was a good feeling. I find it easier to scrap when I'm doing a 'series' or theme, for some reason, and these los were from my April experience with my sister's kids. Here's a couple: But of course I took so many new pics during the two weeks that there's still a huge pile of pics waiting to be done!

Sunday, 20 May 2007

Islay does the trick!

Got back from hols last night - two gloriously relaxing weeks on Islay, a beautiful island with fantastic scenery, lots of birds and flowers not to mention basking seals, interesting places, friendly folk and quite a few distilleries! We stayed in a real home-from-home house in Port Charlotte (see here for details -highly recommended!), had lazy mornings and an afternoon out somewhere, then back for tea and lots of knitting and scrapping.
Here's a few piccies to let you see what kind of holiday it was, but I better not stay on here too long at the mo as I need to get the unpacking done!
More soon!

Friday, 4 May 2007

Off on hols!

In just over 14 hours I'll be on the ferry to Islay, heading for two weeks of relaxation, a bit of knitting, bit of scrapping, no doubt taking lots of photos etc. So hope you all have a peaceful fortnight and I'll be back when I'm back!

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

May Day!

It's a gorgeous May day here, in believe it or not, sunny Scotland. May is often one of the best months. Maybe it's not really but just seems that way after the dark winter, but it certainly cheers everyone up. Apart from all the students and school kids of course, who are sitting their exams soon, and have to do it in lovely sunny weather.
Here's another couple of los from the cybercrop classes that I did yesterday. I'd always fancied trying something with ribbons like this - didn't realise it would be such a faff though! The Glencoe lo is from Shimelle's class and the Glendalough one is from Gill's (Mole on uks). I drive through Glencoe almost every week, and every time it's different. But the colours are always deep and beautiful and the whole area has such a special feel about it. Journalling read:
"The glen of weeping:beauty, majesty, spirit. A special place, of danger and tranquillity."