Wednesday, 23 May 2007


The trip to Islay had an unexpected happening - halfway into the ferry journey there was an announcement that the ferry had received a mayday call and were going to divert in order to give aid, hence the launching of the lifeboat. It turned out to be two divers who were in trouble and they were picked up by another vesse. But quite exciting to see the lifeboat getting launched and picked back up by the ferry - don't fancy being on it much myself!Well, the fresh island air must have creative powers, as I managed to finish 7 los one night! Admittedly several of them are quite simple, but it was a good feeling. I find it easier to scrap when I'm doing a 'series' or theme, for some reason, and these los were from my April experience with my sister's kids. Here's a couple: But of course I took so many new pics during the two weeks that there's still a huge pile of pics waiting to be done!


Armin said...

This event was actually reported in The Ileach, Islay's local newspaper. Interesting to now find this in your blog as well.

I've seen a launch of the boat myself a few years ago, I'm told they have to practice this once a month or so. Quite exciting to watch I must say.

I think I'll have to blog about that tonight and also mention your experience (not to forget the other lovely Islay pictures)

Flapsi Hapsi said...

Read your blog tonight Armin - great reading!

Gail said...

Great to see the pictures of Islay. Always wanted to go there (and try the whisky!)