Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Christmas knitting! (And beyond...)

Well the pressies have all been given out long ago now so here's a few things I made for family this Christmas: This was a bowl I made for Mum from the felted (intentionally!) remains of Colinette jacket I knitted when we were on holiday one year, but it just kept stretching and growing and was pretty heavy so I flung in the machine to see what came out, and what came out was pretty thick! I also made a brooch out of hand dyed tiny skeins I got on Islay one year, with alpaca yarn for the leaves. Also lurking in there is a small 'stand' I made using my lucet for a large African egg which will now not be rolling all over her dressing table!And this a handbag for my sister - made of Noro Kureyon and kind of a booga bag but not exactly! I put in a snap fastener in the middle and hid it with the felted flowers on either side. And so to me.... draughts are now excluded from my flat! And I have regained a large area of the cupboard previously full of quilt polyfibre wadding stuff which is now fulfilling a useful function in life. And of course, another pair of socks - for me these ones - yay - yarn is blue face leicester from Fyberspates.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Random Christmas and New Year stuff

Well yes I made it down to my sister's - thanks citylink! - and had a great time for almost two whole weeks! Lots of DVDs (in pjs on sofa with breakfast), fun and games and too much to eat as usual. Lots of nice pressies all round, masses of photos taken, a real mess made when we decided to have a scrap day and lots of snow and ice still. So here's to 2010. And please I demand the right of veto on whatever crafty things my sister and mum think it will be a good idea to make next year ... poor Rudolph just made it and no more!