Friday, 2 October 2009

Dip and wet and bend and stretch!

Well the fluey lurgey thing continued - kind of got better then got worse again with sore throat and swollen glands - and the doc did end up testing for swine flu tho not heard back yet - so maybe I lied last time! Oops. We'll see.Anyway, this being at home is great for the getting things finished malarky. I sewed up the Aran lacey jacket from Debbie Bliss's first magazine (had to redo the back from the armholes as I hadn't quite done it right and didn't know quite what I'd done wrong so it was easier to redo....) but it looked kind of lumpy and a bit tight - so I bravely filled the bath, dunked it in, then stretched it and pinned it to towels on the floor. And about two days later I have a wearable comfy jacket (needs buttons though). Emboldened by this and taking deep breaths I finally grafted the cockleshell scarf I started on Shetland last hols - then spent ages weaving ends - then repeated the dunk and stretch bit. In this fine wool the results were amazing and dried really quickly. The crinkled mass all stretched out into lovely cockleshells after all!