Wednesday, 30 April 2008

And the months go flying by...

In January my UKS team - the Bitty Blossoms - decided to do a book of months with prompts set by team member Willow. They're great prompts, but I have only now got round to starting. Well, work kind of gets in the way of playing sometimes. But having finished Shimelle's No Place Like Home class, and made the book for Save the Day (still to bind and take piccies) I thought I should try to catch up. I love the feeling of being caught up - it's very special as it's so fleeting!
So the January prompt was 'something that makes you smile in January' - something we all need! And this is me dancing with my nephew just after the bells on Hogmanay!
The February prompt was that as the moon was in Virgo it's a good time to break bad habits, so focus on a bad habit on a lo and leave lots of white space. This is my thoughtful pressie from above nephew to help my bad habit breaking - a little diet police radar - it shouts at you when open the biscuit tin!! My bad habit is of course that I eat too much.March saw the Spring Equinox, new beginnings and rebirth - so we had to focus on something new. Here I am in my new shirt painting easter eggs.

Monday, 28 April 2008

And so it ends...

I've done 20 los now in this Home theme, and I think that's it for a while. I've no more piccies to use, and I've filled the album I started, so it seems a good place to end. I might come back to the theme later, but for now it's put to bed.

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Punch it out!

This is the title page for my 'No Place Like Home' album - following closely on Shimelle's prompt but without the minibook in the middle. This was a great way to use up lots of pics that just weren't quite right to use on their own. So now I don't feel it was a waste to order them up! And below was the view from my bedroom window last week ... not a bad place to have to go to work I guess! And I managed to sneak another one in tonight before bed - these are some of the things that always go up on the walls, wherever I live. I made the wooden fish and horse in school, almost 30 years ago now - how did that happen?

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Nooks crannies & corners...

Well I certainly have loads of them in my flat! Glory holes too .... More from Shimelle's There's No Place Like Home Class, a prompt on 3 'areas' from the one room, and the second one was really about your favourite room but I narrowed it down a bit (I don't have a big home!) to my favourite place. This was meant to be a minibook about doors, but I wanted to keep an album of los (and get it done!) so this is my take on it. The door I leave my flat from, and the ones I go to for family and friends.

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Memories of bedsit land...

More for my No Place Like Home album. I think you were only meant to do one lo about defining your hometown/where is home etc, but I have lived so many places that I felt I had to (wanted to I guess!) document them all before I move onto where I am now. And having started a 12x12 album I want to fill it rather than have maybe 6 los and several minibooks. So that's where I'm at anyway. These are from when I went to uni and moved into a student bedsit, then found myself back in similar places when I came back from a year spent travelling in Australia. But eventually I moved out of the city to enjoy some fresh air, to my first house, which was furnished almost entirely by IKEA, and had a distinctly blue feel (bottom right!)

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Ain't no stopping me now!

Well I guess I'm scared I don't get to scrap again for another two months ... or maybe I'm just on a roll, but here's another two dlos I've just done on the No Place Like Home theme. They're not exactly following the prompts, but I've lived so many places that these all feel like home to me so wanted to reflect that!

Where are you from?

I did it! I actually scrapped today, and got started on Shimelle's There's No Place Like Home class. So this is the first prompt, which I've done on the place I grew up - Kilbirnie in Ayrshire. A great wee town with plenty of space and interesting places for kids to explore and just hang around in. I don't have many photos of it, except in my head, but these are the main places from my life there - the school, the church and the park. I still don't know exactly how I'll approach the rest of the project - I've started a 12x12 album now so I'd like to fill it, but the minibook idea appeals for some things too. I'll just see what happens as I go along! I've lived lots of places so have may do more los on this "where is home" idea.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Still not a lot of scrapping done, or any other knitting projects finished, but I had a lovely weekend of walks between the showers when staying with friends in Strathpeffer. We visited the Clava Cairns, and walked up to the Silly Stones - so called because there's always a different number when you count them! But I have been taking pics for the There's No Place Like Home class, and I do have a day off tomorrow - so watch this space - I might just get something done!

Monday, 7 April 2008

No Place Like Home

Well this class started two weeks ago and so far all I've managed to do is read the prompts and wonder and reminisce and search for pics on Flickr, but one day soon I'll get some time to actually do something with it. It's made me think though - so far I have lived in 23 different homes, and that's not counting all the places I stayed when backpacking in Oz for a year. And they all feel different and unique, some better some not so great, but all home!

Saturday, 5 April 2008

And eek - where did March go?

Getting to be a habit this once a month blogging, but it's good that life is busy. I had great fun at easter, painting and rolling and hunting for eggs, and eating the choccie ones of course.

And I've a few more knitted bits and bobs -getting into these wristlet/warmers, so practical and colourful and fun. I love this soft merino and possum blend from New Zealand in particular.