Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Where are you from?

I did it! I actually scrapped today, and got started on Shimelle's There's No Place Like Home class. So this is the first prompt, which I've done on the place I grew up - Kilbirnie in Ayrshire. A great wee town with plenty of space and interesting places for kids to explore and just hang around in. I don't have many photos of it, except in my head, but these are the main places from my life there - the school, the church and the park. I still don't know exactly how I'll approach the rest of the project - I've started a 12x12 album now so I'd like to fill it, but the minibook idea appeals for some things too. I'll just see what happens as I go along! I've lived lots of places so have may do more los on this "where is home" idea.

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Fiona said...

Great looking LO, well done on getting started. Look forward to seeing the rest.