Sunday, 14 March 2010

Cottoning on!

It's definitely feeling like spring is in the air now. I thought about a giving the flat a good spring clean this weekend but am far too tired to be honest as I'm still not over the last bug. So I decided to chill out instead and get ahead for spring this year with the cotton knitting! I still have the clapotis to block which I'm hoping I might get to later on today. I started this cardigan last night it's Buckland by Martin Storey and is now available free from the Rowan website. I'm using an assortment of Cotton Jeans in blues and greys which I got in the John Lewis sale last summer. It's nice to knit with and will be soft and warm and ideal for summer evenings I think. I've had a quite a few knots which is a bit annoying so I'm not sure I'd pay full price for it. My guage is off and I'm still concerned about it stretching and growing so I'm doing up the 38 size and expecting it to come out nearer a 42. Let's hope I've got this right!

Thursday, 11 March 2010

First Clapotis!

Finished this fairly quick knit. I used Rowan Natural Silk Aran which I bought for more than half price at John Lewis last summer - but I only bought 12 balls which wasn't really enough for a cardi, and I was having trouble with gauge and worrying about how this would stretch - so decided to use it for a clapotis - the amazing viral knit! It is very large - at the minute about 28" by 80" and that's not blocked - so the yarn does stretch like billyo and also sheds loads of bits all over the place. I'm hoping that will stop! Lovely colour and feel though so I'm hoping this becomes a much used summer wrap. And I feel great for having used up some stash!

Friday, 5 March 2010

Keep on socking!

And the birthday socks are done - yay! I left them toeless til he could try them on but the length was fine so I could have been braver and finished them off last night! So one pair of nice thick chunky manly socks which he rather likes so that's good. The wool is a mix of one strand of North Ronaldsay aran and Jamieson's dk blue- so very Northern Isles.This pattern is a great way to mix yarns to get a thicker sock and use up bits and bobs so there might be more of these on the way!

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Sockity socks socks

~Socks all round!! Here are some pics of lopi socks I made for my sister a couple of months back when she'd had an operation on her foot. The pattern is Joan Gooth-Buchanan's Fireside Socks from Spin Off's Socks. It knits up really quickly and is great for using up all sorts of odds and ends. I've got another pair on the needles at the minute for boyfriend's birthday (eek which is tommorrow so better get cracking on them). This time I matched up some of the remainders of the North Ronaldsay grey aran with a skein of Jamieson's Shetland double knit - so they're Northern Isles socks for sure as I brought both yarns back from Orkney and Shetland trips in various years!

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Clapotis time!

Well I've given in to the knitting forces in the world and cast on for a Clapotis, the amazingly popular (and free!) scarf/shawl pattern with a drop stitch feature. With the blanket on hold til more supplies arrive from Shetland, I needed a mindless and easy knit as the asthma has kicked in thanks to last week's cold and I'm spending quite a bit of at home trying to chill out time. So I raided the store of stash from John Lewis sale last summer when I got a lot of cotton and rowan wools. I had bought 12 balls of Natural Silk Aran which I had loved the look of before but was way too expensive at full price - but at £2 a ball it was much more reasonable. But there's not a lot of yardage in a 50g ball so I didn't quite have enough for any of the patterns I liked. I cast on for a waistcoat but I couldn't make gauge and realised that this wool will stretch and grow so decided to use it for a clapotis for the summer. There's been a couple done on Ravelry in this wool - one frogged as she said it was too heavy which i kind of wondered about -but others thought it was great so I've taken the plunge. It's knitting up pretty quickly and I'm almost half way through already.