Sunday, 14 March 2010

Cottoning on!

It's definitely feeling like spring is in the air now. I thought about a giving the flat a good spring clean this weekend but am far too tired to be honest as I'm still not over the last bug. So I decided to chill out instead and get ahead for spring this year with the cotton knitting! I still have the clapotis to block which I'm hoping I might get to later on today. I started this cardigan last night it's Buckland by Martin Storey and is now available free from the Rowan website. I'm using an assortment of Cotton Jeans in blues and greys which I got in the John Lewis sale last summer. It's nice to knit with and will be soft and warm and ideal for summer evenings I think. I've had a quite a few knots which is a bit annoying so I'm not sure I'd pay full price for it. My guage is off and I'm still concerned about it stretching and growing so I'm doing up the 38 size and expecting it to come out nearer a 42. Let's hope I've got this right!

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Fiona said...

I hope so too - it looks good.