Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Clapotis time!

Well I've given in to the knitting forces in the world and cast on for a Clapotis, the amazingly popular (and free!) scarf/shawl pattern with a drop stitch feature. With the blanket on hold til more supplies arrive from Shetland, I needed a mindless and easy knit as the asthma has kicked in thanks to last week's cold and I'm spending quite a bit of at home trying to chill out time. So I raided the store of stash from John Lewis sale last summer when I got a lot of cotton and rowan wools. I had bought 12 balls of Natural Silk Aran which I had loved the look of before but was way too expensive at full price - but at £2 a ball it was much more reasonable. But there's not a lot of yardage in a 50g ball so I didn't quite have enough for any of the patterns I liked. I cast on for a waistcoat but I couldn't make gauge and realised that this wool will stretch and grow so decided to use it for a clapotis for the summer. There's been a couple done on Ravelry in this wool - one frogged as she said it was too heavy which i kind of wondered about -but others thought it was great so I've taken the plunge. It's knitting up pretty quickly and I'm almost half way through already.

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Fiona said...

Its looking good!