Tuesday, 1 May 2007

May Day!

It's a gorgeous May day here, in believe it or not, sunny Scotland. May is often one of the best months. Maybe it's not really but just seems that way after the dark winter, but it certainly cheers everyone up. Apart from all the students and school kids of course, who are sitting their exams soon, and have to do it in lovely sunny weather.
Here's another couple of los from the cybercrop classes that I did yesterday. I'd always fancied trying something with ribbons like this - didn't realise it would be such a faff though! The Glencoe lo is from Shimelle's class and the Glendalough one is from Gill's (Mole on uks). I drive through Glencoe almost every week, and every time it's different. But the colours are always deep and beautiful and the whole area has such a special feel about it. Journalling read:
"The glen of weeping:beauty, majesty, spirit. A special place, of danger and tranquillity."

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