Saturday, 25 August 2007

A girl needs champagne! (and cake, lots of cake)

Yay! Finally - first one (or two!) in 6 whole weeks, I managed to scrap today! My UKS team runs in-house challenges on a 'favs' 6x6 theme. So here are two together. The first is "comfort food - but not chocolate!", and had to be monochrome. So..... what's next after choccie? Has to be cake! This was taken on holiday in Yorkshire this year, when I discovered there was a bakery in the village we were staying in. So guess where our walks in the park lead to.... needless to say the nephews were willing accomplices. The second challenge was your favourite tipple, and had to feature circles for bubbles. So, no contest there. I drink many things more regularly, but hey, there are certain times when a girl's just got to have champagne .... so here's a few of those times. The bottle of pink champagne I carried back from France to celebrate the arrival of nephew no 2, welcoming the millenium, last Christmas, and well, er, just another bottle opening sometime! Great memories.

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Fiona said...

Cake and champagne - what else could a girl want! Lovely LOs.