Sunday, 10 December 2006

Journal Your Christmas

Here it is then - page 1, more of a statement of intent than my usual photo based scrapping pages. Journaling reads: This is my CHRISTMAS BOOK, a journal, a diary,a collage of Christmases. Memories of past years. often blurring together and kind of hazy at the edges, along with hopes and dreams, crazy plans, fears and anxieties, make up the sum of a season that I have had to struggle with to call my own. This is my way through, a period of reflection in creativity, a little piece of art each day, the colours of Christmas, riches for all the senses, words to linger over and ideas to play with, something to bring joy to the darkness and comfort to the winds of winter. With this, I will win back my Christmas, and let it be SOMETHING THAT I RELISH. Day 2 was fun - the topic was weather - so of course all thoughts turned to snow! This time the journalling had two different angles, the going out to play one that you can see and the less pleasant side to snow: New fallen snow is beautiful and quiet, but when it gets old and brown and slushy it's horrid and depressing. And if it freezes over it's scarey and unsafe. BUT when you're not at home, the winter weather is DANGEROUS and terrifying. I was caught out in a blizzard on the Glen Garry road this time last year. Sheer terror in a swirlingly white and frightening world, when it was hard enough to breathe let alone drive, but you knew you had to get over the pass to safety or risk freezing to death. The relief when I saw the lights at the Cluanie Inn was immense. A warm and safe haven, shelter from the storm. I will never understimate a Highland winter again. Day 3, a simple take on Christmas cards. Journalling is inside the card, but mainly just states that I don't usually get them out when I should...

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