Friday, 8 December 2006

Book of Me

Well I'm one of those scrappers that doesn't have kids, and (even worse?) didn't have a working camera for many of my 2 lovely nephews' earlier years, so I kind of scrap myself a lot... But I still decided to follow Roz and Kirsty's Book of Me prompts on UKS, and have done the first three, and am intrigued and excited about what the next one will be! I Am This was hard, to begin with all I could think of was 'I am me' which wasn't very helpful really. I didn't want to do the lots of individual words thing cos in all honesty I'd then have had to say things like 'fat', 'disorganised', 'late' etc but once I had decided on the piccie the journalling came quite easily and reads: I am a traveller, in life, in time, in music, in love, in wonder, in art, in me, myself, I ... I will always go forward, I will always look back, I will always be what I am, what I have been, what I will become... One Day This one actually started me off in the BOM. It was a challenge for the Harry Potter cybercrop on UKS and was done really quickly, but gave me my black theme which I'll keep to throughout the album. And one day, I'll really do it! If I Didn't And I guess it's true though some folk might think it's too late, it's already happened! So, until the next prompt (next month)...

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