Thursday, 5 February 2009

Rolling along...

This is a great project - fab wool, lovely natural colours, lots of great memories of buying it on Shetland on hols last year, it keeps the lap warm as you knit, it's all garter stitch so you don't need to pay much attention - zen knitting for sure! At the minute I'm still on the sketch but making it in miniature if you know what I mean, so will need to branch off soon but think I'll just keep going following what looks like a good colour scheme. I only have about one ball of each colourway so just seeing how things go. On more antibiotics again so another week in to recuperate, which is just as well cos I don't think I could face the big bad world out there at the mo. My sis is ill as well at the moment so weekend plans look like being cancelled - shame cos she does love a good cybercrop (at UKS)!

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