Thursday, 13 December 2007

10 & 11, wrapped up trees!

Onward with this year's journal then. Day 10 was an easy one - luckily I had already bought my IKEA wrapping paper and tags so that didn't take long, just the addition of a little word fetti sticker about making presents look luscious. Day 11 was about the tree. Well I don't have mine up yet, and don't plan to put it up for a bit yet, and anyway I used a piccie of it last year, so wasn't quite sure what to do. Then I realised I had lots of stickers with trees, and that they kept featuring on paper and so on. So I stuck on lots of trees, then added a tree stamp. Then I didn't know what to write so tried googling for an appropriate verse, but couldn't find one quite right. So I just wrote my own! Well, it works for me...

Okay, so my piccie taking skills are pretty poor, and apparently folks would like to read my wee tree verse so here it is:


A symbol of the season

Of memories and lights

Coloured balls and trinkets

Glittery and bright

A focal point to gaze on

To just enjoy the sight

And feel the peace of Christmas

There for all this night.

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