Sunday, 10 June 2007

Team Challenges

Over at UKS my team the Bitty Blossoms, run a fortnightly challenge, in which we all take turns to set a challenge, usually involving a favourite something and a technique or media. The top one was favourite flower and to use ribbons. I'm also working to a personal challenge to use exisiting photos rather than take any new ones for these challenges, so I sometimes struggle! The rose photo was taken in Anhliac in the south of France a few years ago, and I've always liked it. To be honest, I'm not sure what my favourite flower would really be - I love the yellow broom (gorse or whin) that blooms along the roads in springtime and seems to call you away, and any kind of wild flower flowering in the fields, but roses are always gorgeous, especially wild ones.This was my challenge to the team. To scrap your favourite building, and to use a pattern as well. This is an old photo of the Mariners' Home in Greenock. I used to walk past it every day, and thought it looked so gothically romantic, I'd have loved to see inside!

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