Friday, 1 June 2007

Sometimes simplicity's best

Here's a few more of the layouts I did on holiday, and yes you can guess from the title what kind of 'style' these ones are. Barely more than sticking a photo on paper, but sometimes I feel that's all a photo wants, and if you match it with the right paper, hey presto, it works! Maybe this burst of simplicity was what started off the mamoth declutter, hhm, funny how the mind works. Speaking of which, I love this living in a clean tidy house with everything in its place. Well almost everything, I still have to file some bits of paper and pick up all the CDs off the floor in front of the CD rack, put the CDs back in their little jewel cases, then put them back on the rack. And hopefully, they'll stay there this time...but it's late now and I'm off to Italy tomorrow for 5 days with a school trip, so that'll be one job waiting for me when I get back! See you all soon.

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Chiara said...

love the layouts I so need to start scrapping again