Sunday, 7 January 2007

Just couldn't leave it alone, could I?

Well I couldn't could I? Not after my parting thought yesterday, so I did indeed tie lots of ribbons onto my Christmas journal, and now it looks a lot happier... Oh well, better go and tidy up now I suppose...


Guinevere said...

Oh thats so pretty!!

staceyfike said... ribbons!!

Sherry said...

beautiful work, and the ribbons add just the right touch!

congratulations on finishing.


PJ said...

Yes, this looks very happy!
Good job finishing your album! And good luck with the cleaning up... if it's as much work as my tiny studio, you'll need it!!
Thanks for your nice comments on my blog!

Marie said...

Love it! I need to have ribbon on my spine too! :-)

Have to admit that my journal isn't finished yet...but it will be!