Sunday, 28 January 2007

Airport Stories

This photo was taken at Melbourne Airport. After a year of travelling on a 'round the world' ticket my plane was delayed for hours when a truck crashed into one of the engines and they had to try and fix it. Quantas were very good, first sending up some voucers for refreshments, then some pizzas, and evenually just opening up the bar as we were the only ones left in the airport! So a group of us sat round the table telling our stories of how we each came to in the airport waiting for the plane to Bali ... One of the girls from the table (Anita from Holland) and I decided to team up to find some accomodation near the airport as we arrived very late. We both wanted to see more of Bali so travelled up to Ubud together and spent a lovely few days sharing meals and sights and travels. This lo is the first time I've tried sanding the edges of the photos, and I justlove the effect, it seems to suit the BG Urban Couture rather distressed look. Well, I've had another lazy tired day today trying to shrug off this flu ... hope everyone else is much chirpier!


Latharia said...

Sanding the edges of your photos looks great! Have you tried tearing the edges before? Also a neat "look"!

And a "round the world" ticket -- sounds fabulous!!!

Fiona said...

Sanding the edges gives a lovely distressed look. LOs are lovely.