Monday, 24 January 2011

Cold Sheeping!

I moved home at the end of the summer and was rather shocked to discover how much (among other things...) wool I possess. Some  of it has been with me rather a long time - like the wool I brought back from Harris in 1991.... eek. So even though I did get rid of some there are several rather large plastic really useful boxes in the spare room, which my partner says goes 'meh' whenever he opens the door. So I have been very good and not bought any more wool AT ALL since July 2010 - and then just recently I joined a Cold Sheeping group on Ravelry! So that's it in 2011 I am cold sheeping!! No more wool to be bought til I have used it all up....
But I have to warn you - such resolutions are dangerous. I spent a weekend sorting and organising and making notes of what I had. It was the first weekend I was at home after the New Year so of course I was rushing around like an eejit trying to get all the cleaning and hoovering and washing done. And later in teh day I realised my arm was sore. And almost two weeks later it still is! Apparently I have tennis elbow. Sigh. Which of coure means no knitting and lots of rest. So my question is how do you relax when you can't knit?


Fiona said...

As long as it is not your drinking arm you should be OK!!!

Little Miss Adventure said...

Haha, I'm 'cold sheeping' this year too, although I hadn't heard that term before!

I did join the Knit Love Sock Club though, so I do have new yarn arriving periodically, which feels a bit like cheating. It was paid for last year though!

I have been looking at my stash today and have decided that I'm going to list some of it to sell on Rav or eBay though, as I'm just not in love with it and can't see myself ever knitting it.

Hope your elbow has improved.