Friday, 6 July 2007

Na Blascaodai

Still on the Irish holiday album here, but am not too sure whether all these memories of such great weather is a good idea to work with in this weird wet and muggy July! This was of the Blasket Islands, off the Dingle coastline, way out west, next parish is in the USA, you get the idea. We didn't actually go over to the islands but there is a really great visitors' centre on the mainland which you gives a real feel of the island life, and is also an art exhibition space, bookshop, cafe and all together well worth visiting. I felt quite brave sanding the edges of these photos, and using the white poster paint pen on them too, but I'm glad I did. This monochromatic lo shows off the cliffs and the beehive huts, strange looking stone huts, on the coastline of the Dingle peninsula. I do like trying to get lots of photos on one lo, I have so many to scrap I'll never get them all done else!


Julie said...
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Julie said...

That was me!

Deleted cos my english was so poor first thing in the morning. Gonna try again...

Just love your layouts of Ireland and I know what you mean about the weather cos we were there for a week in early June and it was glorious. Hard to believe it could be that nice when stuck here in the UK with our very temperamental weather. Anyway...beautiful layouts!