Sunday, 8 April 2007

What's on your mind?

Getting fit! I have to do something, and keep it going as well. All this spring weather, and bright colours and lack of clothes that fit have a lot to do with it, and it has been on my mind all week. So it seemed the thing to do for Emily's Art Journal prompt this week, week 13 would you believe? I keep starting things, like yoga, or healthy eating, or walking, but it slips after a week or two, so I need to mend my ways and somehow make it part of my life!
And in the spirit of my alter ego the White Rabbit, I am just scrapping in another UKS weekly challenge before the deadline. The challenge was to use a children's title (for Hans Christian Anderson), tartan (for Edinburgh science week), 2 types of brown in the papers (for choccie) and something new (for spring). So this is a photo from a Baltic cruise Mum and I went on in May 2005, and is the first of probably loads of los from the trip. I loved Hans Christian Anderson stories as a kid, and it was great to walk along the quayside in Copenhagan in gorgeous sunny weather and come across the famous statue.


valerie said...

cool card good luck with the get fit

Lis said...

Awesome card :)

Paula said...

Great card & fab layout. I am so envious of you going to Denmark.
I plan to go before I die..hee hee