Saturday, 28 April 2007

Cyber Crop!

The Mad Hatters Cyber Crop is on at UKS! Shame that life can get in the way of it sometimes though eh? Anyway, here is my cyber bear, all kitted out for a clubs victory (and you can see his cousin here, but he's a Heart, boo!) I managed one class layout last night, though I hadn't prepared the stuff you were meant to have, paper doilies etc, so I kind of improvised. I like this idea of painting over a mask/stencil though so may just need to track down some doilies and give it a go. Mine is a lot messier than the original class, but I had this kind of fuzzy picture which needed something to take away from the fuzziness so I thought this might work (it was also late and I was quite sleep deprived!)

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