Sunday, 11 March 2007

Inspiration found!

Finally done something creative this week, and caught up with with Emily Falconbridge's Art Journal Cards (just in time to get the next prompt!). Here is week 8 (on the right) which was who or what do you miss. This was hard, there are people I miss but didn't feel I could scrap, there are places I miss but not so much that I'd want to go back, there are things I miss but only now and again. So I realised that there are things I miss out on in life, cos I can get so tied up in things that you lose sight of what is important. Week 8 is on the left, and the prompt was what inspires you. Well for me it is the land and the light, the sea and the waves on the shore, patterns in the sand, snow on the hills, clouds in the sky, rainbows, mountains, rivers, rocks and all the colours of the land. Scotland inspires me.


Beth said...

These are great

Lis said...

Beautiful :)

Paula said...

Great cards. Love the colours.
The Someone you miss was difficult as there are so many & I also though about my old life & how I miss that, but couldn't translate it to a card!!!
Inspire was also difficult to translate because words are hard to find images for sometimes.

valerie said...

gorgeous cards love the colours. Big sisters are quite cool sometimes arent they