Wednesday, 14 February 2007

New toy

Saw this on Shimelle's blog today, and just had to have a go, isn't it great! Especially for those of us who remember using libraries before the days of computers... you can find the card generator here if you fancy a go too. Anyway before I go and attend to all the above, I have a confession to make. I lied. I didn't really mean to, but I'm not scrapping Singapore at the minute, I got sidetracked with last summer's holiday with Mum in Ireland, so here's a couple of los from that. I will do Singapore soon, honest! I'm off up north again tomorrow, til Sunday night so won't be around. But just wanted to say thanks to all those fellow artists doing Emily Falconbridge's Art Journal challenge for the great comments and encouragements they've left for me, and for the inspiration of their own fab cards. Check out the web ring on the left and go have a look!


Latharia said...

I, too, played with the card generator. Love it! I have fond memories of the card catalog & being able to find things SO much more easily than with a computer!!

Love your pages, especially that ricrcak edging!

Eleni said...

Love both of these layouts ... I love tilted photos ... and the view in the top one wow!!!

I played with the generator too ... FUN""

lusi said...

wow that card generator thingy is way cool! thanks for popping by my blog too!!! And your Ireland layouts look fab :)
Lusi x

Guinevere said...

Love these LOs & pics, Flapsi. Inspired me to investigate Ireland for our hols this year!! Love your little ric rac frame!