Saturday, 10 February 2007


No, not the newspaper, but my latest Book of Me page! Following Roz and Kirsty's UKS prompts, February's challenge was to use an emotion and a colour you associate with it. I found it quite hard as I didn't want to repeat anything I'd done on Shimelle's You Think You Know Me class, which covered 10 different moods, but this old piccie came to mind, (and it's a good 25 years old now!), and if there's one thing I always feel (or feel I have to be!), or get accused of being, it's independent. I'd also fancied trying to use acrylic paints, I've been harbouring quite a few wee tubes which came free with a magazine I used to subscribe to, so this was my chance to play with them. And it was so much easier than I expected. In fact I liked it so much I got out the two canvases I'd got tucked away (as you do), painted them in two different shades of green, and did a double layout for the walls, so to speak, using piccies from last summer of my family. Will definitely need to do more of this. Not least because having singled my sister out on the bottom one, I might need to do some other folk for the sake of equality!
Well, I did enjoy my scrapping day yesterday, but better get round to doing some housework today ... hope you all have a good weekend.


Fiona said...

Canvases are very nice (apart from the piccies of me!) Will get revenge, you wait and see!!!!

Guinevere said...

Love the paint effects!

scrapdolly said...

Great canvas ideas - love them