Friday, 20 January 2012


Well the blanket got finished and has gone off down to my mum to keep her lap warm when out and about in the wheelchair - just waiting on confirmation that it's big enough before I use the leftovers to do a cover for the chair cushion!

I've finally got the New Lanark Aran project sorted out - after several froggings last weekend much to the amusement of everyone - I'm doing this:
But I'm using a broken rib pattern to give a bit of texture (k1, p1 on row 1 then purl row 2) and have decided against any waist shaping as I want a big comfy warm about the house kind of jumper. It's going pretty fast - the back is almost finished.

And no, Owen ain't ready yet. Watch this space!

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Fiona said...

Now are you sure you are not frogging it again!!!