Wednesday, 7 April 2010

So what do you do when your family is away on hols?

Why you use their floorspace to block shawls! And very handy it is too - saves me from having to walk over damp towels and stretched out woollies in my room. The pink one my mum knitted about 3 years ago from some alpaca dk and she uses it a lot around the house and as a bed shawl, so it's been in the wash. The other one is my first clapotis done out of Natural Silk Aran. And I must remember to get more glass headed pins as they're much less painful after pushing in several hundreds of them...
And I've finished the waistcoat from Cotton Jeans! It's the Urchin pattern from RYC Classic Beach book but I wasn't sure about having a short sleeved cardi so just turned it into a waistcoat instead. I didn't put buttonholes in the band as I'm thinking of making it some kind of edge to edge thing instead... okay I just hate doing buttonholes in cotton - I can never seem to match them up properly somehow as cotton is pretty stretchy.
So next on the last summer sale yarn stash bust is the Diagonal Front Jacket from Debbie Bliss Home book - I'm using Rowan again - silk cotton this time - 20 balls in a lovely brick shade for 80p each last summer... can't beat that really.

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