Thursday, 17 September 2009

Gearing up for Autumn

Well all this being laid low by some fluey buggy lurgey thing (not swine flu, honest!) really does help get stuff finished! This all ready for autumn bodywarmer was going to be a jacket but it's quite bulky and also I was running out of wool, so it's a long hip warming length gilet. The button band and collar were a bit tricksy but think it's worked out ok. The wool was a fab bargain pack I got from Jamieson's when up in Shetland on holiday last year (and I need to knit up all those bargain packs so I can go back again some time!).


Fiona said...

Looks good - what you going to knit next?

Molsmum said...

That is lovely flapsi - the colours are really great and I bet it'll be really warm