Thursday, 4 June 2009

Absorba to the rescue!

I bought this cotton almost two years ago now. I can remember it was an impulse buy at a fancy yarn store nearby me and felt guilty about buying it, all the way home. Then I started knitting it up. It was horrid. The pattern was probably only okay for an anorexic model, it made me look like a demented Michelin man. So I ripped it out, and knitted it into a lace pattern shawl. But it never got used, I mean who would use a chunky cotton shawl? So it sat in the spare room and made me feel bad. Then on day on Ravelry I saw that someone had used this same cotton (Araucania Patagonia) for Absorba the Great Bathmat from Mason-Dixon. Wow we thought, that would be cheery. And so it was. A quick knit on on 10mm pins and three strands at a time, and some left over for a washcloth and scrubby too. So now I have a soft and cheering bathmat. Me like.

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