Wednesday, 4 March 2009


Just back from a couple of days at my sister's which was lovely - what with my and hers illnesses I've not been down since Christmas which seems ages ago now! And of course I had to introduce the family to the dishcloth craze. So the two little soap filled cloths were for Mum and Sis. A pretty tricolour yellow, orange and white petal one was left draped over their kitchen tap (in a very shiny sink which I sincerely hope is going to stay that way after I shared my also new found passion for FlyLady...) The blue ballband got parcelled up and send to OH for his birthday (not sure what he'll think of that!) I couldn't resist taking a pic of a few of the cloths all together, and last but not least when the sun shines it almost seems springlike and sis had some lovely daffs on windowsill along with a little chick (which I think is really a duck) in a burst of needlefelting for Easter! ETA - check out that shiny sink of sis's!

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Fiona said...

Lovely dishcloths. When are you coming back to clean the rest of the house!