Wednesday, 9 July 2008

What's in your suitcase?

My Freedom prompt 3 - necessities for travel ... well I travel a lot and try to do it lightly but my real necessities are:
  • change of clothes and spare knickers
  • paracetamol
  • first aid kit (including wipes and anti-bacterial gel) and any medication
  • tea tree oil
  • ear plugs
  • shampoo or liquid soap
  • moisturiser
  • towel
  • hair band / scrunchy
  • notebook and pen/pencil
  • phone
  • money/cards
  • passport
  • book
  • water
  • swimsuit
  • decent pair of socks
  • comfy shoes
  • something warm and waterproof
  • sunglasses
  • noel - my travelling bear companion

And that's it - you can go round the world on this lot! (I have...)

So what's yours?


Anita said...

Really enjoyed reading the entries on your blog for Shimelles prompts , sounds like you are well travelled!

Marie said...

OMG! How cute is Noel? Loving the pink hat and scarf combo. Tres chic :)


Chiara said...

I love your bear and a great list

Rhona said...

Sounds like you're very organised when you travel. Love the bear!