Saturday, 28 June 2008

Shetland for wool!

Before June disappears completely I thought it would be good to visit my own blog for once! Life has been very busy workwise, and I also had a great two week holiday in Shetland with my mum in May -lots of wool bought there, I can assure you! We visited Jamieson's Spinning Mill in Sandness, and were lucky enough to get shown round the mill. We also had a lovely visit to the Shetland Collection - designer knitwear based near Sumburgh airport, where we were shown round the workshop and how to use a knitting belt as well as getting to see lots of samples and fair isle and lace garments. Then there were the wool shops in Lerwick ... the car was packed to the gunnels on the way home! I started a cockleshell scarf when I was there, it took me about 4 goes to understand the pattern but it's about 3/4 done now. I also got the spinning bug again and sneaked a fleece into the car too. But all in all it was a lovely peaceful and rejuvenating time - looking out on seals, lambs, lots of wildflowers and seabirds. The air was so clear, and we were very lucky with the weather too!

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Fiona said...

Great photos. Waiting to see your knitted creations.