Wednesday, 3 October 2007

What I learned in September!

Well here it is! I finished my Learn Something New Every Day (online class from Shimelle) album today - yay, what a feeling that is! I found it hard to do a lo every day, but did note down what my lesson was each day and used that to make the los. Again, I found it hard to always find a relevant photo, as I wanted to use existing photos rather than take new ones (and I don't have a digi camera). But I loved doing this, hard though it was at times, and will no doubt use this as book of thoughts and reflections to look at time and again.Just do it! Just start somewhere // The past is worth revisiting, old stuff is still good!Grumpy teenagers grow up - give them their chance! // Do a bit everyday - eat the elephant.Life should be a roundabout, not a rollercoaster! // New term, new start, set challenges, make plans...Memories are precious ... my Dad // Stop off and take a break! Enjoy the scenery.Delegate, hand things over and move on! // First piano lesson - great to learn new skills.Sometimes you just have to rest. // Decluttering is good for you.Don't isolate yourself, keep in touch. // Death is part of life.Holidays are important. // Eat well! Doctors orders.Pass it on - knitting is for life! // Making things is fun.Don't be afraid to ask for help. // Preparation pays off!Dreams, nothing is too small to know and too big to attempt. // The mind is powerful. Use it.Rituals are important. // The past is important.Happy is the best place to be. // Getting ready for winter.Dance like nobody is watching. // Dare to be remarkable.These are the lessons I learned this year, 2007. Not all are new, some are memories, but all are things to think on. // notes on photos

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Chiara said...

WOW this is fabulous. Thanks for sharing.