Sunday, 16 September 2007

Cosy toes!

Been still struggling with this nasty virus/tonsillitis/thingey. It's a bit sneaky cos you go to docs, get tablets, start to feel better, and think yay I'm on the mend. So you go to work. You come home and are exhausted and start feeling rotten again, throat gets sore so you go to docs ... hhhmmmm. So to cheer yourself up you go online order cheery wool and knit socks! This is the first pair I've actually finished. I started a pair in January (when I had flu...) but they were on thin needles and I never finished the second one) These ones are lovely - the wool is Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted and is gorgeous though a bit extravagant ... and the pattern came out of the One Skein book. I've fancied doing this pattern for ages and now love it so much I'm knitting another pair with stash wool (Falkland Islands). And my feet are warm!


Chiara said...

I so need to learn to knit. Love those socks.

Deborah Duck said...

Oh those socks are fab, I'm a fairly competent knitter, but have never knitted in the round. I do fancy having a go at these though!